Trying to be poetic through a prose

The thing is, well, the thing, rather a thing is, scientifically, but I’m not going with “has volume, has mass”, only with “occupies space”, so much space that you forget, actually you never thought of it so there’s nothing to forget but I don’t know where I’m going with this or if I can actually go somewhere or I have somewhere to go to begin with but the space is now yours, the space I respectfully belong to, I-I now belong to you-r space.

But it seemed to me, that I was sent high above the sky, close to space, only to look back and see how tiny we people are, how small you are, how minute we both are, but it only took a second for you to capture my whole world, or might only have taken less. Forget the space, forget the lecture on matter, forget the fantasy about me being sent up high, but disregard not what I’ve been really trying to tell you, trying to let you visualize, conceptualize, no, not conceptualize, but realize, until you finally understand that despite all this gibberish, the thing is…