I would always choose drums.

We weren’t financially capable. But still I asked,

“Mom, when would I own a drum set?”

“Soon, son, soon. Just pray for it.”

That wasn’t the exact conversation I had with mom in my younger years, but it sure does sound like it.

I learned to play drums at the age of 9 or 10. Our pastor taught me to play on a chair. Its top rail as the hi-hat, seat for the snare and floor for the kick or bass drum. On my first lesson, I was so excited and nervous. I thought ‘is this gonna work?’

And it sure did! My first ‘tug-tak-tug-tug-tak’ made feel like I could do anything.

But then, I got tired of playing on a chair, hitting our plates with spoon and fork (and oh! the joy of having chopsticks as drumsticks).

So I told myself every time I feel sorry for not having one (drum set), “Someday, when the time’s right, you’ll have one.”

Though I did not know what the ‘time’s right’ meant, it was the thought that kept me believing for almost 9 years that ‘I’m gonna have one’.

And I sure did, on March 13 of 2013.

We agreed on buying a second-hand. But this was the first agreement that my Dad did not comply to, in a very, very good way. In the early morning of March 13, 2013, it wasn’t a second-hand. I opened the van’s hood. “Hello, Pearl.”

My heart just kept on beating and beating.

“Is this for real?”

I almost cried. I thanked God and still very grateful today. It was more than having a drum set of your own. It was the value of waiting and praying until it becomes realized. God did choose a very special time.

We assembled it and I tried playing. Days after, still playing. Every hit I make, it makes a sound, of course. But to me, they’re music even without melody or lyrics. When I play, I transport to a timeline of my first ‘tug-tak-tug-tug-tak’ days. When I stop playing to rest, I still ask myself, “Is this for real?”

It would have been a different story if my mom told me “We don’t have the money son.”

I like this turn of events better.